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Demo ON MARCH 31!

Hello Wanderers! In two weeks, on March 31st, we will be releasing the first public demo of Fallen Tear: The Ascension on Steam.

Though the demo is not representative of the main game, much of it being subject to change and development, it will feature core gameplay features such as our unique Ascension and Bond systems. It follows a side story that, while not part of the main game, provides an insight to the overarching plot and setting.

We are also proud to announce that the music will be done by the very talented Lukas Piel, with flutes by Sandro Friedrich. Here is a music video they made of the game’s main theme: “Awakening”.

We hope you will join us on our first foray into the world of Raoah and the beginning of Hira’s journey! Wishlist us today!


If you’re interested in seeing more, we have a discord channel you can join to talk with devs and fellow players about the future of our game. You can ask questions and give feedback directly to members of the development team. We also have fun community activities planned in the future, so come on in and join us!


Please support us by signing up to our email newsletter here on our website. We send out newsletters of updates and sometimes throw in little gifts for our subscribers such as posters, wallpapers and other juicy bits of info.

We have a very special update for those who sign up before 3/19/2020, so we suggest signing up today!


You can follow us on our other social media below!





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