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After several months of development, we can finally show all of you a glimpse of the world of Raoah!

The 0.1.1 Demo on Steam features a vertical slice of the game's features such as the combat, exploration and growth aspects of the full game, particularly represented by the Bonds and the Ascension systems. The story and level design are independent of the full game's scope, but will still give you a glimpse into its overarching themes.

For those who have played the 0.1.0 Demo that saw a limited release previously, this version has some fixes and adjustments (as much as we could squeeze within the week!) based off feedback received from players like you. Thank you very much for your support!

We hope you enjoy the demo!

Thank you to everyone who wishlisted us on Steam! We recently crossed 1000 wishlists the past week.

Every wishlist addition helps us achieve our goal of completing the game and making it the best it can be.

If you haven't wishlisted us yet, please do so!

Also, if you have not signed up for our email newsletter, please consider doing so! The game is still in early development, so we still have focus tests, closed betas, news updates, promos and other features on the horizon. Joining the newsletter puts you on a shortlist for participation, as we did previously with our 0.1.0 limited early demo earlier last week.

We also suggest joining our official discord channel to send feedback, talk with the devs, mingle with other players and meet members of the community. We are very interested to hear from you, and your feedback helps us shape the game! Once again, thank you for supporting Fallen Tear: The Ascension!


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