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Hello Wanderers! We have some big news for everyone this 2021!

But wait! The surprises don’t end there!

We’re also pleased to announce that a demo build of the game has been in the works for a while now. The first playable public demo will be released to Steam on March 31, 2021!

We suggest you follow us on our newsletter so that you can be notified on the day the demo is officially released. We will also be releasing monthly content regarding game features, lore, information and news on the game and its development. So sign up today and get the latest updates as they drop!

Alongside the Steam Page, we have launched the Official Fallen Tear : The Ascension Discord Server! Come and join us here :

This is your opportunity to hang out with developers, fellow players and fans! Members of the Winter Crew team will be present daily to answer questions, receive feedback and suggestions from you about the future of the game. We also have some fun activities and events planned in the coming days, so don’t miss out and come on in!

That’s it for now... but don’t fret! There are still a lot of big surprises in store for 2021. Stay tuned for more!



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