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Fallen Tear : Ascension, A Dark Fantasy MetroidvaniA

Fallen Tear : The Ascension is our new take on the Metroidvania genre by introducing various classic JRPG features such as party management, progression, and character-based story development. Note: All in-game screenshots here are in the early development stage. They do not represent the final product.

After playing, researching, and studying JRPG and Metroidvania games, we started with a simple prototype that contained the game's core movements. This way, we can be sure that we have the right game feel we want first before finalizing in-game assets like environment and character animation.

Early demo prototype

Like any other Metroidvania game, we have abilities such as Double Jump, Wall Break, Stomp, Wall Grab, Dash, and our own unique move Spear Blink Throw! These "Ascensions" can be used for platforming or combat maneuvers!

Using spear blink throw for platforming

Using spear blink throw on enemies

You play as Hira, a young protagonist who wants to save his mother and seek the truth of his origin by finding the 22 Fated Bonds that will help him on his journey. Hira has this EPIC mysterious power but we will hide it for now! It's for you to discover soon!

Turn around model guide.

Basic 2D animation movement

We followed the basic formula of connecting paths per area with an added twist, giving the players two options. They could either go into a straightforward approach using the Ascensions you acquired during exploration or go through a more challenging route with stronger enemies. Both will provide a different experience, but it's up to you how you want to play the game.

World map rough layout

From base level design layout to environment asset implementation

Complete environment assets

As for enemy AI, we used visual scripting tools to quickly prototype them. In the end, the team decided to use Bolt as it feels more intuitive and has Unity support.


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